Wars of Calibran is a PC 4X turn based Strategy Game, in an Epic Fantasy World from the Chronicles of Calibran fantasy novels (discover the books), that combines a deep tactical combat system (inspired by Total War series or Fantasy Generals 2) with a base management (a simplified system then Civilization series), procedural maps and online multiplayer skirmish matches and a single player narrative campaign.

Main Features:

  • Direction Base attacks

  • Psychological system

  • Deep unit countering system

  • 4 Fully different Factions with asymmetrical mechanics (With unique panels and gameplay options: for example Amazons can use “Heroic Deeds” while Minotaurs have access to “Warrior’s rage” that encourage players to be aggressive. )

  • Simplified city's growth

  • RPG style hero growth that can be used for different matches, like Warlords series games.

  • Procedural quest system and exploration both in campaign and in skirmish mode

  • Several way to reach the win also a competitive match: completing the faction main questline, the scenario questline or by conquest.

The game is still in an early stage of development, but more information will be revealed soon.

Directional Base attacks

In the battle you can flanking, doing backstabs and you must pay attention to the units positioning in map.

Psychology and morale

A strong attack can force the enemy troops to flee the battlefield, like a board War Game.

City Management

The city can growth with new buildings, tech and other improvements. Every faction has unique city growth system and resources too!

RPG Style Hero

You can find new equipment, neutral places or adventures around the scenario. Upgrade your hero and save it for future matches!



More information will be revelead soon, so

Stay tuned!